Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

What's new of browmart...

Greatefull thanks to my Lord in this starting year with the new branches of our new outlets.
From the Brownies Martabak Managements we will saying congratulation and thank you very much for the trushted to Brownies Martabak Franchisor.
The newest whose opened in east of Jakarta the exactly place on Jl Bambu Apus Raya No 4 Jakarta Timur. Its being our the 11th outlets be held in this Country.
Big hoping and high expecting it will bring the prosperities in All sides.  

Of course what has being of the people trushted it would be a big supported for our Product Team and the Managements to be more increased and understanding what they wants.
Some of the variants new tasted had been preparing by the Product Team, as though with our rate price which still caught by all walks of life in this beloved country specially.

However our new outlets its not our last outlet because we always open for a new patners whom interesting to build up a cooperated franchiser that we have.

Well may all our franchise branches being more and MORE wealthy and get immenses of blessing from The God as The Creator of ALL...

Be Luck and Be Good always in Harmony through

apa sich browmart???

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Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Inovasi kuliner ringan tentang sesuatu yang baru,unik dan menarik. that's about BROWNIES yang di konsep, dimasak n dikemas ala MARTABAK,,,hmmmmmm Ga ngenyangin tapiiiii,,,,,bikin nagih rasanya....nyummmi